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QuadPro Construction provides Construction Management delivery system. In this system we perform as the representative of the Owner. Construction Management is a professional management practice consisting of an array of services applied to construction projects and programs through the planning, design, construction and post construction phases for the purpose of achieving project objectives including the management of quality, cost, time and scope. Construction Management is a discipline and management system specifically created to promote the successful execution of capital projects for owners. These projects can be highly complex. The Construction Management represents the interests of the project in its dealings with other construction professionals, and with other private and public entities.

• Optimum use of available funds
• Control of the scope of the work
• Project scheduling
• Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes
• Enhancing project design and construction quality
• Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement

Comprehensive management of every stage of the project, beginning with the original concept and project definition, yields the greatest possible benefit to owners from Construction Management. The practice of professional construction management applied to a capital improvement program of one or more projects from inception to completion. Program Management provides additional benefits such as standardization, leveraged purchasing and economies of scale.